Scuba Diving

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I never thought I’d be so lucky to scuba diving twice in the same year.

Playas del coco, Costa Rica


Pete and I booked scuba a while ago so I had plenty of time for the excitement to grow. We went with a company called deep blue diving in playas del coco. Omar was our guide and instructed Pete through the discover scuba. Discover scuba is a great for people who aren’t certified scuba’rs. An instructor goes over the ‘need to knows’ in a pool before you go in the ocean. This pool session doesn’t take more than 1 hour, or that’s what it seems… I was tanning poolside while Pete was learning so my concept of time was loopy.

After the skills are completed you go diving.

We saw huge schools of fish and different varieties of all sorts of fish. Great diversity. The viability wasn’t great, only about 10 m or so. We saw some rays, big ones and babies, and TWO SEAHORSES!! Ever since I started diving I have wanted to see a seahorse. Their cuteness is just so appealing I figure there is no way seeing one could make your life anything but, amazing. I was right. I think I am a better person having seen not only one but TWO of them in the same dive! Friggen adorbs! (And I don’t even use the word adorbs…that’s how cute they were).

We didn't see this exact one... but something very similar

We didn’t see this exact one… but something very similar

Buuut for as cool as the SEAHORSES were they were more or less a primer for the pure thrill we were about to have. We saw sharks!!! About 4 or 5 of them. The biggest was around 2m long which may not seem like much but when your inside 10m watching these dinosaur like creatures circle around each other your heart starts racing.

White tip reefy shark!

White tip reef shark!


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