Costa Rica, Travel

The roads here aren’t the worst I’ve ever seen… A lot of the main roads seem to be newly paved and free of pot holes. The shoulder is basically nonexistent compared to Canadian standards however this doesn’t seem to impact walkers and cyclists from ‘sharing’ the asphalt.

Very narrow roads and bridges!!

Very narrow roads and bridges!!

Construction is marked, but may give little warning as to how soon said construction will occur. Traffic didn’t seem heavy which was surprising as we are here the week before and after Christmas. We’ve heard that driving is fairly rare for locals because it is so expensive. Gas was about 2$/L while we were here. Our rental is nothing special but it has air conditioning which I would highly recommend if you want a comfortable drive.


Most cars here are manual. Soooo if you’re comfortable driving a manual have at it! If you’ve never driven a manual you may not want to learn in this hilly country where chaos and traffic go hand in hand. Unfortunately for us, I booked a manual without even knowing it. Aaaaand Pete hasn’t driven a manual more than 50m… But instead of upgrading to an automatic at 50$/day, Pete opted to gain a priceless experience.
(Meanwhile, Pete was ‘gaining’ all this experience, and I was up-chuckin’ at the side of the road… Blah).
He’s a trooper for taking on a such a big challenge though… especially since this could have been a potentially life threatening situation.



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