Be a Bridesmaid


I was so so so so lucky to have been asked to be a part of TWO weddings this summer. Each one was beautifully unique and entirely fitting for the couples’ personalities. Let me break down the two wedding experiences from my point of view.

Wedding #1: A Country-Western Display of Love in the Hills


Let me start off by saying that this was the first time I have worn cowboy boots. And they weren’t even ‘real’ cowboy boots. They were the super comfy, faux leather, extra rubber soled kind of cowboy boots. I felt quite glamorous being in this wedding. I can’t remember the last time I got so dolled up. And I’m talking the kind of dolled up where you have 5lbs of bobby pins hidden in you hair, and so much hair spray that not even Katrina could cause those flyaways!

All photos courtesy of EmClaire Photography

This is a new face for me… so many different looks.

Helping the Bride with her Jewelry moments before leaving for the ceremony

Peter and I giggling away


It was an absolutely beautiful wedding that took place west of my home town. The ceremony was thick in the middle of nature with rolling hills and mountains as a backdrop. The sun shone very brightly making the sky seem bluer and the clouds seem fluffier. The bridal party was brought in on a wagon, led by a two-horse team. Luckily there were no ‘upsets’ as their was rumor these horses have been known to be runners.

The reception was a wine filled evening at a nearby hall. The dapper looking guests were gleaming against the teal and brown decor. There was a live band and lots and lots of two stepping! Beautiful weather, wonderful people, and a happy couple! Congratulations Veronica and Cory!

Our wedding vehicle! Absolutely stunning setting.

The Happy Couple

















Wedding #2: An Stunning Evening of Hometown Elegance and Fun 


Two weeks after my first bridesmaid experience I got to do it all over again. It was my brothers wedding and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it! Taking place in my home town, Nanton, the entire day was filled with friends and family. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The temperature held around 23C all afternoon and their was only a slight chill in the air. It was the night before a ‘supermoon’ which added to the evening of romance.

All photos courtesy of QPhotography

Richard and Devina

Richard and Devina

This was an evening ceremony with pictures taking place before the main event. The format of the day was not ‘traditional’ but lets get real… practicality should sometimes out rule tradition.

B maids

  • When the bride and groom see each other for the first time
    • If this ‘first sight’ occurs at the ceremony, as tradition would have it, the bride and groom are unable to show any sort of emotion. Internally they are probably feeling SOOOOO excited to finally see each other. All they want to do is hug and kiss each other and just have a single moment of togetherness, without others around them. The big day that they have been planning for the past year or so is finally here!
    • First look
      • If this ‘first sight’ is in a more controlled environment the bride and groom can make it whatever they want to be. For instance, my brother and his wife saw each other for the first time at the ceremony gazebo. The groom stood at the altar where hours later they would say, ‘I do’. The bride elegantly floated down the aisle, throwing in the odd fist pump here and there, to where her ‘husband to be’ awaits. Now, the bridal party wasn’t supposed to be watching, after all, this was meant to be an intimate moment for the two of them… but a little peek through the window went unnoticed. 🙂 As the bride reached the end of the aisle, she tapped him on the shoulder and they took a moment to take in the beauty and love that the day helds. It was a magical moment to witness! Not to mention all the super sweet photos the ‘grapher probably got.
  • The time of day the pictures occur
    • If the pictures occur before the ceremony everyone is looking their absolute best. There has been very little time for hair and make up to get ‘all messed up’, and the groomsmen hopefully can hold off from spilling or wrinkling their dapper looking suits. The pictures for this wedding took place at about 2pm. (The ceremony and reception were 6pm and 7:30pm, respectively). Therefore the guests have the freedom to do what ever they’d like for the majority of the day.
    • If the pictures are between the ceremony and reception there is an awkward amount of time for your guests.
    • group

Regardless of the wedding format, each wedding was equally fun and both days ran smoothly! There was a ton of dancing and each wedding was very memorable. It was quite nice being a bridesmaid. I really didn’t have to do too much other than look pretty and walk very slowly down a couple of aisles! I’d do it again in a heart beat! It was my pleasure to share in these special days!

A little later in the night...

A little later in the night…

aisle walk


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