Buy a Spa Package for Myself

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This didn’t exactly happen as I had planned… Originally I was hoping to pretend I lived this extraordinary life and drop upwards of $500 on a massage, pedi/mani, and facial in a spa that served cucumber basil water, and soft notes of rainforesty birds and waterfalls filled the air. This didn’t quite happen… but I did manage to modify this vision I had…

The massage:

I have always wanted to get a thai massage so for my birthday waaaaay back in January my Sister-in-Law and Mom went to an authentic Thai massage place downtown Calgary. It was only a little concerning when we walked into the rooms and saw plenty of signage indicating ‘This massage place is ONLY for massages… Touching the therapists will result in suspension from our shop.’… Turns out this actually happens! Blah… Anyways, my therapist was great and I’m pretty sure there is no concern for conserving massage oil at that place… she would have had to use at least 2 cups of oil on me! I was quite impressed actually. See, first she covered my back in oil then, to my surprise, climbed up onto me!! I was face down looking through that awesome hole in the massage tables, but I’m picturing this tiny Thai lady on all fours, crawling around on my back… how she didn’t manage to slip off is beyond me. Not to mention, this ‘technique’ came as quite a surprise to me so naturally I started to giggle… except it was one of those, ‘try and hold it in’ giggles where I just sound like I’m snorting or having troubles breathing. This highly unattractive snort-giggle happened a couple times throughout the massage… specifically one maneuver they do came quite unexpectedly. Let me just say if you’re considering a thai massage and don’t like ‘the girls’ being touched… stick with a hot stone massage.

The Manicure:

I have never gotten gel nails before, and quite honestly, I don’t think they suit me. Buuuut, Shellac is the latest greatest nail treatment going! So I figured I’d see what that’s all about. Basically, it’s great. Think of putting armour on your nails that are seemingly indestructible… that is shallac. I opted for a gray-purple hue that seems to be trending in my limited world of nail colors.  I went to one of those busy drop in places in Calgary, and the super nice lady tending to my cuticles barely spoke one word of english.  I was in and out in under 30 minutes and 34$. Definitely be doing it again… it’s a nice treat.

The Pedicure:

I usually don’t like people touching my feet… but I’m opening up to that weird concept. Surprisingly, the part of the pedicure I enjoyed the most was the sandpapery part when the lady scrubbed my heels. Awesome and equally necessary. And of course, the polish happened. I opted for the classic hawaiian flower… which doesn’t really make sense to have while living in Alberta. Anyways, this flower is cool at first… but after a couple days it just looks like a blackish blop on your big toe.

The Facial:

It didn’t happen… buuuut I bought some pore strips for the first time ever in 2014. So basically, it was like I got a facial. BTW, if you have never bought these little strip things because you were skeptical of whether or not they worked… think again. They work amazingly! I which they had a full face mask that I could peel off.

Maybe next year I’ll spoil myself and get all these treatments in one day… it seems quite ridiculous the amount some spas can charge for certain services…


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