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Bucket List

I came across a video of the OneWorld Futbol online and was fascinated by it’s potential. Who would have thought that I would be supporting something that is made out of Croc material!

So, I decided to buy one and send it to Madagascar, to the village I was staying in. While I was on my trip there was one day we were playing soccer with a volleyball and it only took about twenty minutes before the skin was scuffed up and torn. I’m hoping that with this ball it will at least provide much more than 20 minutes worth of play time.

The OneWorld Futbol Project seems to be doing great things. And even better, when you Buy one ball they give one ball!! So not only have I gifted a futbol to my friends in Andavadoake, Madagascar, but I also choose to donate one to the United through Sport campaign. The OneWorld website is very easy to navigate, and provides a list of organizations that you can donate to. Super easy!

I also participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge. Now, I’m not entirely sure whether I support this whole internet phenomena ‘thing’ that tends to be more and more common (ie Kony, Neck nominations, Ice Bucket Challenges), and I’m not even entirely sure whether I support my 50$ donation to the ALS association (this graphic explains my hesitations…).

However, I 100% support spreading awareness for things that will make us all better people. In the case of the ALS ice bucket challenge, I support the challenge because it’s making people think about donating to something… anything. And it’s also making people aware that us humans, are not invincible creatures. I’ve considered this challenge as a reality check that awful illnesses, like ALS, exist and that there isn’t a cure. Now, while there may be a slight disconnect between the ice cubes and self-reflection (that I appear to be doing), I think these challenges contribute to a positive culture shift within our society.


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