Day 56: Canada


Flying home was another long but exciting journey. As I made my way through the Tana, Paris, and Toronto airports I slowly became more and more familiar with my surroundings. Unfortunately my stomach begged to differ. The food “in the developed world” is so rich that my stomach is having a hard time processing it. Hopefully this goes back to normal soon.

Arriving in Calgary I was met by a warm welcome from those I love the most! After 2 months of minimal contact with them I can’t describe the warmth that their hugs and kisses brought to me! I also got some food gifts! Sushi, fuzzy peaches, and bloobs. Unfortunately the XL London Fog I had in Toronto is preoccupying my guts so I am unable to enjoy these luxuries of Canada.

To see ‘my’ mountains again seems unreal. The sheer beauty that I grew up in can be so easy to take for granted. It isn’t until I return from being away that I can appreciate just how lucky I am to live where I do. The sun is still out at 9pm… which I wasn’t expecting. Everything is green and lush. The roads and fields are so ‘square’. Sitting in my parents car the seats are phenomenally comfy. We are driving so fast and the road is so straight it seems as if I’m racing to get somewhere!

My trip to Madagascar seems fictional. The bits of language I have learned are known nowhere else in the world. The remoteness will never be ‘that’ remote ever again. The group of people I met and became friends with will never ALL be together in the same place. No experience can ever fully be replicated but the degree of “once in a lifetime”-ness of this trip is overwhelming. I will never forget the things I learned, the people I met, and the magic I’ve seen.

Veloma, Madagascar. Soa.



One thought on “Day 56: Canada

  1. Even when we don’t like something, we still get experience. Thanks Leah for the blog. You write, so wonderful. I enjoyed it so much, thanks again, Good luck with your new job in Camrose. Email me when you have time, later, love amar

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