Day 55: Last Day


Today is my last day in Madagascar. It’s bitter sweet, really. I have had an amazing time but I am so excited for the many new and exciting things that await me at home. Moving, job, seeing friends. With that being said, my last day here has been perfect. I think all ‘last days’ of trips should be this relaxed. My day started waking up in our suite, nice and slowly then sitting by the pool whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a raisin croissant. After breakie we headed into the chaotic market to finish shopping. The market is fun and the stress of shopping for real vanilla was much more stressful than I expected.

After the market a solid session of ‘suitcase tetris’ happened. Then a nice long shower underneath the rain drop showerhead . The rest of the day consisted of pool time, mojitos, and underpriced gourmet desserts. Mmmmm…

Most of the BV group... truly amazing people!

Most of the BV group… truly amazing people!

Our flight leaves at 1am tomorrow.

It’s crazy to think that in 29 hours I’ll be home.


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