Day 54: T & DD


A friend of mine once said, “Everyday’s a school day”. And being on vacation shouldn’t excuse this way of life sooooo…

…here’s a list of some things I learned today:

Photo cred... google.

Blue Hawaiian photo cred… google.                                                                                            It tasted as good as this looks


  • Blue Hawaiians are milky
  • Some Bora Bora’s look like a perfect St. Paddy’s day drink (creme de menthe and pinapple juice)
  • Syracuse has gin. I like this kind of gin. Grapefruity.
  • Strawberry mojito; strawberries are ALWAYS better when in ‘mojito’ form.
  • Regular mojito; not quite as good as strawberry mojito’s but still pretty good.
  • Drinks that are the equivalent of $2.50 are always better than drinks that cost more. This is a FACT.

Today’s Day: Tan and Drink Day!


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