Day 53: Blue Cat


Sitting on the hotel balcony drinking tea and feeling cold (who would have guessed it?). I watch 2 old ladies wade through the rice paddies. A thick fog reminds me I’m no longer on the beach and the anticipatory 6 hour journey ahead reminds me the Blue Ventures tour is quickly coming to an end. Only 2 more nights of questionable bedding, and shoty plumbing.

A lot of driving today. My ass has never been so numb. But the drive back to Tana seems to be going easier than from Tana to Tolaira 7 weeks ago. Maybe my body has adjusted to the lack of padding on the seats here.

Arriving in Tana the air is gloomy just like a scene out of doomsday. Maybe it’s due to fires or perhaps the lack of electricity. Their seems to be shortages in this region too. Not sure why the traffic in this place is so nuts. Very slow moving. Very hectic. Taxi brousses are literally stuffed with people. I can’t get over how many people can fit in those vans. The streets are windy and so far from being squared. z-return 06

This isn’t what the taxi’s look like in the city, but this will give you a good idea of what ‘personal space’ looks like in Madagascar.

We arrived at our hotel, the Blue Cat, and it looks ‘sketch’ from the outside. However, once inside, it’s stunning. Check out tripadvisor’s pictures. Two other volunteers coincidently are on the same connecting flight home as me so it’s working out nice to get a room with them for two nights in Tana. We got a suite with a loft! It was quite quaint. Dinner was gourmet. I got a punch drink, pan roasted duck breast, and a chocolate brownie all for the equivalent of $12. We have 2 full days here… I might go a little nuts!!


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