Day 52: Ranomafana


We went to Ranomafana National park today. We saw 4 different types of lemurs. Brown lemurs, white tailed bown chested lemurs, sifaka (this is a super fun word to say!) and the very rare Golden Bamboo lemur. The park was exactly what I had imagined Madagascar to look like. It was almost rainforresty. Tall trees, bamboo that shoots straight up and it had a fresh smell in the air. We also saw a leaf tailed gecko. Can you spot him? I have no idea how our guide found him.


Had my first hot water shower of the trip today. It was an unreal experience. I didn’t know what to do with myself. But it still wasn’t a proper shower. It was very french and remined me of the scene from Crocodile dundee. In the bathroom there was a tub and a shower head. It was a very crouchy shower with no shower curtain. Trying to keep the water in the tub area was quite difficult. I didn’t try the bidet because frankly I’m not wanting to have to clean up bidet ‘over spray’.

Arriving at the next hotel after an undesirable drive (still very bumpy and twisty) there is no power and no wifi. Tonight is the last night of the overland tour. It seems like an important night as this is the last connections I will be having with Blue Ventures. They have been a great organization to travel with and they are doing great work. I am so lucky to have been a part of what they are doing. As mentioned earlier, the powers out in this region so we enjoyed our last BV dinner by candlelight (and lets not forget the gentle hum of the generator).


Ranomafana National Park




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