Day 50: Food


This entire trip has always had the underlying theme of food. Whether it was too much food, not enough food, great food, greasy food, food porn, or food dreams. Now that we’re back in food country (which, might I add, isn’t even “food” country) the options seem endless. I find myself overeating at every meal just because everything tastes so good. Since I’ve been in Tolaira  I’ve had pizza, a hamburger, croissant and chicken curry and it’s been less than 24 hours. What do I miss the most… fresh veggies that have been washed in reliable and clean water. Oh Paris how I can’t wait for that 1st salad… and fuzzy peaches. However, there have been rumors from the volunteers that fuzzy peaches don’t exist in Europe. I can’t even imagine a world that doesn’t have fuzzy peaches…

Definitely going on a veggie cleanse when I get home.

Some of the dive group members

Some of the dive group members

Two members of the group left today. Goodbyes are hard… especially when you know you’ll most likely never see these people again. I guess facebook is changing our ideas of goodbyes.


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