Day 49: Bumpy Road


Early morning breakfast for our final breakfast at Coco Beach. A lovely meal of eggs and bread topped with sugar (my jam lasted 5 weeks and 5 days) Load up the car for another 8 hour journey along the ‘trail’ they call a road.

DSC_3850 DSC_3852

My emotions are mixed with sadness and anxiety to get to fresh water and different food. I’m slightly nervous about the car sickness happening again … cue gravol. I’ve never popped so many pills in my life. I was drowsy but luckily the nausea stayed away.

The journey was quite dull but it was so back and forth and bumpy that I can consider my ‘core workout’ complete for today. I couldn’t relax for even 1 minute. The last hour or two of the trip we watched reality come back into our lives. The huts became more structured, the food became more varied, and there was just more people, everywhere. Also, the road got wider… not better, just wider.

Kim, taking in the beautiful scenery, while en route to Tolaira

Kim, taking in the beautiful scenery, while en route to Tolaira

Once we arrived in Tolaira I was overwhelmed by the number of people. People were everywhere… compared to what Andava was like. I was also overwhelmed with the variety in the shops. As soon as we could, we set off for food. A lovely chocolate croissant  and apple was so satisfying. A quick facetime update with Pete, Mom and Dad made my day. I was starting to be concerned about losing my tan but after seeing them I realize I’m still quite dark 🙂  Dinner was great!! Cheesey pizza and ice cream. mmmmm, the chill in the air was a little much though, I’m not quite dressed properly.

At night I crawled into a clean, sand-free bed. The room still doesn’t have temperature control but the absence of holes in the walls helps keep the warmth in. The fresh water shower was second to none. There was no hot water in our room (plumbing issues), but there is something about not having salt on your skin or in your hair that makes temperature irrelevant. Looking forward to a silent sleep tonight… no ocean for the first time in weeks.


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