Early this morning I did one of the most most bad ass things I’ve ever done. I went scuba diving at night! At 5am we boarded the boat after experiencing slight engine problems. Lightening lit up the sky which added to the ‘bad assness’ of it and also made it a little more scary! Our short boat ride to the site Lovobe was unreal. The sky was black and the horizon was hidden by the blackness of the ocean. Only a few stars were left in the sky. The bioluminescence was crazy! It looked as if the boat had glow lights underneath it. The wake was a stream of glitter. We were riding on a wave of fireworks. Once at the site our pre-dive suit up rituals occurred, however, in my mind I felt like a superhero on a super cool night mission to save the fish! Then the rain happened. It down poured… chalk up 5 more points on the cool meter. We turned our torches on and back rolled into the black abyss! Under the water at night is totally different than during the daylight. I saw tons of lobster and sleeping fish. The anemones were feeding and sea whips, solitaries and bubble coral looked very different. The ocean is just as alive at night as it is in the daytime but things seem quieter. Just me and my torch scanning the unknown wonders of the sea. The glow of my buddies lights are not too far away and off over the massive coral structure I can see the faint halo of the other’s dive torches.

This wasn't taken during the night dive but it's still a sweet picture!

This wasn’t taken during the night dive but it’s still a sweet picture!

We surfaced 45 minutes later and the rain had stopped. The sun was just beginning to rise and Andavadoaka awakens.

It’s 6am and I’ve already seen the most wonderful things! What an amazing way to end my time in this outstanding village. Tomorrow… that damn road.


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