Day 46: Sunday


Super lazy day in paradise. It was a ‘Sunday’, if I’ve ever had one. Unfortunately only 3 more days here…

My ‘3 day pack’ has officially begun. (I like to take a lot of time to pack… 3 days is usually optimal).

All things ‘hut-life’:

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but just so you understand how serious the beds were, I figure I’ll mention it again…I’ve slept on airport chairs that were more comfortable. Not to mention the abundance of sand that is always in the bed… this is something you never get used to.

Hanging out in The Hut

Hanging out in The Hut

Splitting mosquito coils is seriously difficult. When you successfully separate them it’s the biggest victory of the day. Also, mosquito coils don’t smell too bad! Sort of, incense-like. On the topic of mosquitos, the nets that cover our beds come in many colors and shapes. I just have to say, however, the ‘mosquito’s’ aren’t around that much. The nets would more appropriately be termed ‘gecko/beetle/mice’ nets. This is because there are holes everywhere in the walls and floor of the hut. The screen door doesn’t quite fit in it’s frame either, which creates a large opening around the edge.

Power goes out at nine, which usually means bedtime for me. Always knowing the location of your headlamp is vital for doing anything past this hour. It’s pitch black, everywhere!

Sand tends to fall through the roof. Especially if it’s windy, I would find myself waking up to a light dusting of sand on everything.

The bathroom. Our sink doesn’t drain…not too sure why. The Shower drips and as you brush your teeth you can watch ‘the spider’ chow down on some bugs.

Every night, before bed, it’s like walking into the cinema and just picking a theatre without knowing what movie you’re going to see. Malaria prophylaxis does crazy things to your dreams.

I’m going to miss this….


Catching up on some news… 5 week old news.


One thought on “Day 46: Sunday

  1. Well, you got so many memories. And you are so much wiser, did you notice , I sure can. So glad you posted this blog. You put in, so much work for us to enjoy your experiences. Wonderful and you did great

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