Day 45: Smelly Shoe


Saturday school in the morning. We acted out jack and the beanstock…I don’t think it had the proper ending though. The moral of it basically said that it’s ok to steal from giants…because giants aren’t real and old ladies turn into fairies. Thank god the children don’t speak english. The whole thing was translated by Jacks… hopefully he twisted the story a bit.


The inevitable has happened… I stepped in human poo. It was the smelliest poo! and it’s not like I could just throw away the sandals because they were my birks!! I scrubbed and scrubbed those overpriced sandals until they finally smelled like shoe again. DSC_3810

If you look super close in this picture…you’ll probably see poop!

Today is the last Saturday in Andava. It has been an amazing adventure so far and we ended it off right. A proper party night of dancing, laughing, beach parties, and midnight swim. I’ll never forget this night. Awesome.


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