Day 44: NTF (never trust a fart)


Today was a parlava (still don’t know how to spell it) of a day. Everything took twice as long as it should have an nobody, including me, cared. Kim and I swam back to the boat after our dive (normally the boat comes to pick us up). We didn’t do any science on the second dive, we just explored!!


That’s me, exploring!

The afternoon was hanging around, not getting anything done. The boko boko was extra delicious today… the crusty bits just about melted in your mouth. And I managed to remember to get some pictures of my english partner playing his guitar. That’s Silvair!


Ended the day with some beers at Dada’s.


A local cooking their catch of the day

A local, cooking their catch of the day

To explain the NTF title. There is a saying when traveling to third world countries that you should ‘Never Trust a Fart’. There is something that happens to your system when changing your diet and daily routine so drastically. Anyways, it seemed quite necessary to include this title into my journal, as it usually was a topic each and every day of the trip. Enough said… 😉


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