Day 42: Half Moon…Beach


There’s  a half moon tonight. It’s lighting up the entire sky! The stars are still amazing…even after being here for 42 days. I have never seen so many in my entire life. Sometimes I wish I understood constelations better so I could see the ‘pictures’ in the sky. All I know for sure is that the stars look different here as compared to home.

Tonight was the perfect night. All the volunteers and some staff members sat around a beach fire on half moon beach and talked and laughed and one staff member even sang. Here’s a little tidbit of what it was like…


One thought on “Day 42: Half Moon…Beach

  1. Hey Leah, this guys is so good. Too bad, he was not sitting next to fire, so we could see his handy work. His playing the guitar really worked good with his voice. I liked it very much.

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