Day 40: Science



  • I have figured out my favorite fish! The checkerboard wrasse… it’s like a fish that’s wearing a 50’s diner.
Checkerboard Wrasse

Checkerboard Wrasse

  • Butterfly fish mate for life. While  diving I would frequently see two lover’s swimming around together…probably on a date.

    Mr & Mrs

    Mr & Mrs Klein (Klein’s Butterfly fish)

  • Female cardinal fish protrude a sticky ball of eggs from her mouth for the male to fertilize. Once fertilized the male keeps the eggs in his mouth and turns them every once in a while. He only eats about 70% of his offspring and then spits out the other 30% when they are ready to be baby fishy’s. Ew.
That's me! Recording benthic species

That’s me! Recording benthic species

  • There is only one female anemone fish per anemone. This is always the biggest fish in the anemone and if this fish dies, the next biggest fish turns into a female to assume this role. Just like that they can change sex. WTF?

400-madagascar anemonefish 01




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