Day 39: AudioFade: On


There are certain songs in our life that take us right back to a moment in our life that will forever remind us of exact circumstances. Here’s a few songs that will always remind me of Madagascar. Also, I’m not sure how I missed this feature on my ipod but the ‘audiofade’ option should be turned on all ipods…check it out.


One thought on “Day 39: AudioFade: On

  1. Leah, if you get a chance to watch movie ” searching for the sugarman” It is on you tube, you will love it. Make you feel good .Rodriguez’s life story. Some fan found him after a long search, penniless in Detroit, working in construction. He finds him a takes him to Australia, I think where he had quiet a following. he made lot of money doing concerts in Australia and then came back, helped his family and friends with money and went back to his job in construction., Find it on youtube you will love it. so nice.

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