Day 37: Cream 4 Fun


The village of Andavadoake is quite simple. There is a main street with vendors scattered throughout. Children run around looking after there siblings, the mother cooks over her charcoal fire while dad is out fishing. Each home is slightly unique with varied cloths hanging outside, drying. The shops may be painted different colors and the products vary slightly. There is one shop in town that sells these cookies called, ‘Cream 4 Fun’. They come in 4 flavours, orange, chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple. Orange is the best. Back home these cookies would be the equivalent to stale dollar store cookies, but in Andava they are a novelty and delicious. Below is a video of a walk through the village. You can hear children singing in the school, and you see a typical home of a vezo family. Near the end of the video is the main street where all the shops are. 


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