Day 34: Sea Sick…


It was a little bit choppy out there today. And when it’s choppy the visibility is bad. Our first dive was ok but during our surface interval (which is 1 hour) everyone was feeling queasy. There was way too much back and forth swaying action going on. Luckily once we got in the water for our second dive the flipped stomach feeling goes away and things are relatively calm underwater. Now here’s the situation… two dive ‘teams’ went down. My dive team decided the visibility was way too bad (aka we could barely see our hand in front of our face) so we aborted the dive. The second dive team decided to stay under as they didn’t want to sit on the choppy surface for 45 mins waiting for the other team to come up. Unfortunately I ended up having to wait for the other team to come up… I was not feeling well.. 😦

Six hours later, I feel like I’m still rocking back and forth.

Most days were this calm.. today wasn't

Most days were this calm.. today wasn’t like most days

Another addition to the day was that a mouse joined me on my bunk for the evening… it was eating it’s way through a bag. No ipod music or logic could mute out the chewing sound this ‘mouse’ was making 2 feet away from my face…I was wishing my mosquito net was more like a mouse deflector. BAH!  It wasn’t until later that I found out rats are common around the huts…I still refuse to believe it was rat.


One thought on “Day 34: Sea Sick…

  1. Well I am sure, it was not a rat. Just figment of your imagination. Just because you had a bad day. good and bad go hand in hand, yin yang of life haha

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