Day 33: Fresh Water Shower


The sky was different this morning. Dark, blotchy clouds replaced the “normal” outstanding shades of blue fading to pink. As I was meditating on the beach the rain started to pour. Normally I would seek shelter and try to stay dry but when it’s a warm rain, and your skin and hair hasn’t felt fresh water in almost a month…you try to get hit by as much rain as possible. (Also, the book I’m reading on meditation mentioned meditating in the rain yesterday… coincidence? Perhaps.) The sound of the downpour is muddled with the ocean waves. It was an amazing experience. Rain isn’t very common this time of year and therefore was short lived. As amazing as my skin and hair felt having just gotten a ‘proper’ shower, it didn’t last long. A couple hours later, I was back in the ocean experiencing the wonderful, salty, underwater world.



Tonight was the best sunset I’ve seen so far… which is saying a lot considering all the sunsets are bloody amazing!! DSC_3583 DSC_3582


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