Day 32: No Shave Sunday


Today was an amazing day off! The day began with volleyball and frisbee on the beach. Loads of children eventually gathered to play with us and I just have to say that I’m shocked at the physical literacy these kids have. They are doing cart wheels, flips, and even the 2 year olds have better dancing rhythm than I do. The afternoon was the youth group talent show. The BV volunteers were lucky enough to have two amazing choreographers in our group. Jo and Sarah produced this gem of a routine. 

While we were waiting to perform we had some quality time with the kids. Lots of laughing and hand clapping. I almost forgot that we didn’t speak each others language. The kids were quite amused by us. They would often stroke my legs and at first I thought it was because I had gone one too many days without shaving. But then I realized it may have been because my skin color was different or that I have freckles, which they aren’t too familiar with. Or… maybe they were just wanting to get my attention because I was a vaza.

talent 02 talent 03

Today made one of my top five days of my whole life. The beach, sun, frisbee, volleyball, tanning, swimming, kids, no cooking or cleaning, dance routining :), reading, 90’s music… the list could just go on and on. What more could I ask for?



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