Day 31: (Lack of) Spider Tortoise’s


Yet again another stunning sunrise on the beach whilst stretching my body out from the less than ideal mattress situation. I thought I was adapting to it but I think my back could use a Sealy or Serta for a night or two. I took a quick dip in the sea after a very sweaty and sandy yoga session, quite the luxury I’d say. All the volunteers and I are off to Lamboara today to do some spider tortoise monitoring. This research is being done to determine the ‘state’ of these little guys.

DSCF1014They are considered critically endangered yet there is very little research on what their role in the environment is. Anyways, it was nice to get away from the site for the day. A short drive and pirogue sail was all that was expected to get to site but when we arrive to the water we found the tide was very low so we ended up walking across the ocean floor. It was kinda cool.


A pirogue was definitely needed for our trip back. This picture is of the same area after the tide has risen. DSCF1041

We only found 2 tortoise today. It seemed like more of a fun walk rather than a ‘research’ activity.

Later in the day some kids clutched on to us. They had very ‘bam bam’ and ‘pebbles’ like persona’s.


I swear these are the cutest kids that live on the island. The Malagasy people truly are beautiful inside and out.


One thought on “Day 31: (Lack of) Spider Tortoise’s

  1. My god that is very small tortoise. with your amazing powers, you parted the sea, so you could walk on sand hahaha

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