Day 30: Ina’s Lullaby


Amazing sunrise this morning. It was as if the sky had been painted! I went for a relaxing walk through the village to buy a colorful blanket from the women’s association. All the shops were opening and the stands were lining up their products in orderly fashions. Everything from peanuts, fish, melons, buns, dried beans, you can buy right there.


Later in the morning I went for another fish point out to a new site called “Lovebe”(pronounced “louve-a-bay”). Saw a super cool spotted trunk fish today. It’s not my favorite fish as that’s still undetermined, but it’s pretty close.

400-spotted trunkfish 01

Highlight of the day: I had an ‘authentic’ dinner with a malagasy staff member, Patrick, and his family. Patricks responsibility is to drive the dive boat and be our boat marshal, everyday. Patricks wife and 2 year old son, Ina, were at dinner. They speak no english but Patrick was able to roughly translate a lot of questions the other volunteer and I were asking. This family has one of the nicer homes in town. It’s a wooden hut with the bed in one end, a table in the other. Their is an outdoor area with a mat, which is where we ate dinner. Dinner was cooked over one open flame coal burner. I got a chance to cook one fish… I burnt it, asifady. Luckily the wife brought out several more fish that she had prepared earlier.  For dinner we had the best sticky rice, seasoned beans, and 3 different types of fish. It was so delicious yet so simple. There were no lights for us to use only, two oil lamps inside the home. I had a headlamp which came in handy as I’m still working on eating my way around fish bones. For a drink we had the customary rice water. This is the left over liquid that the rice is cooked in. Surprisingly it’s not bad. And it’s clean because the water would have been boiled in order to make the water.  Washing dishes consisted of a bucket of cold, salt water, and a little bit of soap. We didn’t use a cloth or scrubber to get the chunks off, just our hands. The heat dry cycle of this washing machine turns on tomorrow morning when the sun comes out. Ina was the highlight of evening. He is two years old and super cute. He would run in and out of the home and older kids from the area would cart him back. We explained that such a sight wouldn’t occur at our homes. Two year olds would never just run out into the streets and be brought back by other slightly older children. As our night came to a close we all star gazed as the stars were as bright as ever. Ina was winding down and the other volunteer and I sang him lullaby’s until his eyes were heavy. So nice to be a part of this family for the evening. Twinkle twinkle little star!

Misotra na piantsoa


One thought on “Day 30: Ina’s Lullaby

  1. very nice, simple living without making big plans for tomorrow or future. live for the moment.

    Lao Tzu — ‘If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present”

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