Day 29: Wu-Wei


My yoga has transformed into meditation in the mornings. For those of you who know and understand meditating you will appreciate the difficulty of “non-doing” or Wu-wei. ‘Being’ is the focus of meditation.. and it’s more difficult than one may think. I can successfully focus on ‘non-doing’ (much different than ‘doing nothing’) for about 6 minutes. Meditation isn’t about how long you do it for. However it’s a good measure for me to start with.


Double dive with a field scientist today doing fish point outs. Saw a whole bunch of rock clams and a big lobster! My fish knowledge is expanding but there is just soooo many to know!! I saw the tiniest little toby today. About the size of my pinky fingernail. It was just so darn cute.


Photo cred goes to Google… but they looked just like this!

The group is working on a dance routine for this sunday’s talent show. Backstreets Back, again is our motivation! On a slightly more life threatening note, there was a fresh water shortage on site for a couple days. Our water gets shipped in from inland and when the cameon doesn’t arrive when it’s scheduled, we don’t get water…scary! Luckily there is a supply of bottled water as a back up.


Our water filter situation



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