Day 28: Kids and Poop


As I watched the sunrise this morning there was activity on the horizon. A pirogue with 5-6 men on it caught something ‘big’. There was loads of splashing and thrashing around. Fishing is the only way of life here. And because there is no way to preserve the fish for long periods of time the people must fish every day for their food. Anyways, I thought I would ventured over to see what the boat caught today. Turns out it’s literally a whole ‘boatload’ of fusiliers.


Pretty cool. These fish will most likely be sold to other people in the village.

Walking back to the huts from the beach there was many close calls…close calls in regards to stepping in poop! Human poop. There aren’t any bathrooms in the vezo homes. They use the beach for #1 & 2. The high tide equals a flush. Regularly you see people squatting down, but because this is a common practice in the village it’s not that awkward…unless you make eye contact with someone in action.

Once I passed the high density ‘landmine’ area I ran into some kids playing. Kids play on these beaches every moment of every day. Right now, the kids are on school break so they are out and about more than usual. I ran into these particular kids who were playing with random items they had found on the beach. They loved getting their picture taken and seeing themselves on the digital screen. I could have spent all morning with them. DSC_3557 DSC_3560

Dive highlights from today: Other than EVERYTHING I saw a 1.5 foot tall half moon angelfish. Fire dartfish. 10 huge unicorn fish (~2 feet long) and schools of fusiliers surrounding us during our safety stop. I saw a longfin bannerfish and a moorish idol. All equally cool fish…haven’t quite chosen a favorite yet!

400-picasso triggerfish 01

Picasso Triggerfish…amazing markings!


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