Day 27: Crepes


Another beautiful morning on half moon beach. There were some birds chirping which is quite rare. Typically, the only birds around are 2 ravens…they remind me of that Disney movie…with the two ravens. But today there is a new type! Exciting!

Morning on the Beach... my favorite time and place

Morning on the Beach… my favorite time and place

No dives today so it’s been fairly laid back. I’m looking forward to reply to the emails I’ve received. It’s incredible how my state of mind has changed in regards to the usefulness of technology. It’s exciting to receive the weekly highlights from back home.

Oh ya, and we had crepes for dessert tonight!!! Best crepes I’ve ever had… hands down. The area we eat all of our meals at is a short walk down a sandy trail to the kitchen area for Coco Beach. It’s a very welcoming place where the dinnertime discussions never run out of breath.There is definite dynamic to communal eating… lots of item passing, and getting used to other peoples table manners.

300-coco beach 14

Three times a day… the food place

300-coco beach 12

The super sandy trail to the food place


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