Day 25: Easter


Slightly missing home today. This is the first Easter season I can remember that I haven’t been home for. I’m sure the Berger treasure hunt will be better than ever this year!

Another volunteer and I made a cake today! I needed to get in my baking fix. We gathered the ingredients in the village. Flour is sold by the ‘soup tin’ measurement and placed into a tiny plastic bag. Sugar and baking soda are sold the same way. I learned the hard way that eggs are usually sold out by the afternoon. As for a recipe.. there wasn’t one. And turns out I don’t have very good ‘recipe impromptu’ skills. The oven was cooked in a pizza oven. The kitchen staff watched and laughed as we struggled our way around this cake adventure.

DSC_3509 DSC_3512

We went to a church youth group talent show today. The entire thing was in Malagasy but the music and dancing was fun to watch… for a little bit… the whole thing went on for at least 2 hours. This small church was packed with people. Children were jammed between people and there was only headspace left. There was the cutest kids sitting beside me.

I receive an email from the family today. I have only been in contact with them once per week via email. It’s the first time in my entire life contact with home has been so limited. I’m not missing technology at all, but it is very nice when I am able to connect with home and see what’s up.


One thought on “Day 25: Easter

  1. nice cooking, those are big eggs. I was hoping to see some finished dishes., looks like slow process haha and by the way you look good. I had forgotten how you looked, was nice to see your picture, which I could enlarge to see your features. master piece hahaha

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