Day 23: Deep Dive


Went to 30m today! Which means I passed my Advanced Open Water. Woo! Go open water dream team! Visibility wasn’t great but it was still a surreal feeling. When you begin to descend it’s an exhilarating feeling. You can’t see anything below you and there are limited reference points to show you where you’re at. You’re basically lowering yourself lower and lower into nothing. I didn’t know where the bottom was and other than trusting my gages I was feeling quite vulnerable. Highlights: We took off our fins at about 18m and moon walked! It was an awesome feeling! I saw a huge gorgonian sea fan and there was a big hole in the sand that most likely housed an octopus! eek!

Gorgonian Sea Fan

Gorgonian Sea Fan

It’s spring tide right now…(which I still don’t fully understand)… but basically it’s a time during the moon phase that causes huge fluctuations in high and low tide.

We also had an interesting talk on Shark Fishing. Watch this video or watch the documentary Shark Water for an eye opening experience!



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