Day 19: Beach Fire


Great day! Double dove at a site called Christmas island. Saw some pretty things. Massive structures of coral the size of houses. The reefs are much more beautiful than I imagined. Notably, I saw some porcupine fish nesting on the bottom. (very creepy looking things). I’m feeling much more comfortable about diving, my breathing and buoyancy.

Mantis Shrimp hanging out in some Columnar Coral

Mantis Shrimp hanging out in some Columnar Coral

The moon is almost full tonight and a few of us are sitting on the beach around a small fire. The reflection of the moon shimmers across the ocean. The gentle waves caress the sand in a comforting way. It’s only a little after 8pm and I’m exhausted. A combination of 6am yoga, a tiring dive session and 35C temp is the perfect excuse to be in bed before 9pm.

There is only one generator powered light in the village. Along with the generator powered music that comes from DaDa’s, the main bar in the village.

There was a power outage today. It’s really not too big of a deal, as there are limited items that need power to run anyways. Surprisingly I don’t miss electricity as much as one would think. However, it would be nice to have an ice cold popsicle…but that would require a freezer.


One thought on “Day 19: Beach Fire

  1. Very nice, you don’t miss things you don’t have over time. lay back and enjoying your day at the office hahaha

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