Day 16: Valley’s


Words can not describe the pure beauty I have seen today.

Beautiful Giant Clam

Beautiful Giant Clam

Valley’s is the most beautiful site that Blue Ventures does research on. In fact, it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I am still in shock over how amazing my morning was. Like a baby seeing their hand for the first time I was so wide eyed and in awe. Swimming 16m deep in the ocean, slightly rising and falling with each breath, I carelessly let my bubbles rise to the surface, almost forgetting this ‘thing’ in my mouth was my life line. I felt like I was dreaming. Below me is coral in the most unique shapes, colors and textures. To each side is at least 8m of vertical coral, equally scattered with pure wonder.

Bubble Coral

Bubble Coral 

Fish of all varieties dodge in and out of their homes. Some move quickly and others quite slow. All the while I’m silently gliding between the valleys . I saw a massive giant clam with spectacular blue, green and silver spots. It’s wavy mouth looked majestic. I saw a bat fish about 1.5 feet tall stare down another diver. My highlight of the dive was that I saw a jellyfish! about 1 foot squared. It wasn’t scary, but mesmerizing. Imagine a heart beating in the ocean, rhythmic and consistent. I could never write all the things down that I saw. Everywhere I looked was something more new and amazing that the last.

Anemone Crab

Anemone Crab 

On another note: Prior to my dive the most awful thing happened to me! As I was preparing my gear and doing all the necessary ‘air checks and tests’ a cockroach crawled right out of my mouth piece, seconds after I removed the mouthpiece from my mouth. After gagging and feeling incredibly nauseous I came to the realization that this was the #1 most disgusting thing that’s ever happend to me. Thank god that didn’t happen while I was underwater.


One thought on “Day 16: Valley’s

  1. haha, I think it is kind of warm climates those kind of things happen. You just have to change your way of thinking. That is why they tells stories at night. at night when you go to bed and leave your shoes on the floor. in the morning before you put your shoes on, you should shake your shoes with a stick, just to make sure nothing crawled into it at night.

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