Day 12: Yes Sea, No See


Beautiful morning on the beach doing yoga. My muscles seem so stiff, and I’m not sure if it’s due to sitting on the most uncomfortable wooden seats or sleeping on a mattress that’s shaped like a hot dog bun. Regardless, my morning ‘stretch’ felt amazing!


Moments before falling…


Today is our open water dive, which means we go to 12m for at least 20 minutes. The Open water dream team set out in rougher than average seas. The boat ride was quite fun (still don’t understand why I get sick in cars and not on boats). Anyways, after visiting four different sites that were inadequate due to the swell, we almost aborted. However, we did one final check at site #5 and decided to go down. Slightly nervous and bobbing up and down in what seemed to be 10-15 foot swells, we started our descent. Once we were down to 5m everything became very calm. No more waves, no more splashing and sloshing around. However, all we could see was the anchor rope that we were holding…nothing below us, or beside us and only the glow of the sun above us. Once we were at the correct depth we let go of the guiding anchor rope and just like that it disappeared. While trying to navigate around, every once and a while I found myself face to face with a huge wall of coral. I literally couldn’t see the coral, or bottom for that matter, until I was basically on it. Luckily nothing poisonous was underneath me. As for the ‘buddies’, we could barely see each other even when we were right next to one another. So naturally, we held hands and swam into ‘the nothingness’. I’m usually not much of a ‘hand holder’, but at this moment I was incredibly dependent on someone else to provide me comfort. It was cute. This whole experience was a combination of “holy shit, I’m 12m deep in the ocean” and “This is an awesome, surreal experience”. And even though we didn’t see anything of importance it was a great bonding experience for the two other ‘rookie’ divers, the instructor, and myself.

The back side of our huts

The back side of our huts

Listening to the ocean breath in and out, I reminisce of the amazing dive I had earlier that day. There are so many things about this trip that don’t seem real, and so far scuba diving has been the most ‘dream’ like. I’m not to sure why everything seems so fictional, but perhaps it’s because absolutely everything I have done, everyone I meet, everywhere I’ve been is… different. It’s an awesome feeling. Something that’s not an awesome feeling is the temperature right now. It’s been pitch black outside for 2 hours now, the humidity is through the roof, and it’s about 30C. Pair those condition with a hot dog bun bed filled with sand… thank goodness I’m not sun burnt!


One thought on “Day 12: Yes Sea, No See

  1. well head stand must make you smarter, with all that blood rushing in hahaha
    You feel sick in car and feel good in boat, cause you are in the nature, you get special energy from natural things, that is why, people go into nature to meditate etc.
    when you don’t enjoy from any activity, you still get experience.
    Sea waves may be rough but underneath , it is always calm.
    Just like us humans, we are calm at the core, like deep sea and surface waves don’t disturb the calmness, same way emotions don’t upset the core deep inside, no one can push your buttons.

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