Day 11: Sea Hare


Today is our first day off. Every sunday we get the whole day to ourselves with the option to take part in planned activities. Myself and two other volunteers decided to go to the mangroves near our site. This particular mangrove didn’t really seem all that exciting until I started learning about how beneficial mangroves are to our environment!!  While on the beach Jacks found us a Sea Hare. I got to hold the little fella and let me tell you… they’re gross. When they get agitated they squirt this purple stuff out of that hole… ew. I was lucky enough to see that happen. DSC_3324

That’s Jacks in the background. Named after Michael Jackson… and let’s just say that the guy’s got moves. (video to come…) Jacks works for Blue Ventures and is the main activity coordinator. He organizes our Sunday activities and will take us around the village acting as our translators!


Looks like the rest of my day will be some serious hammock and tanning time. It’s ridiculously hot right now. The average temperature is 33C from 9am to 9pm. It’s only slightly cooler in the evening. There is no need for blankets of any kind.


One thought on “Day 11: Sea Hare

  1. Well that looks very different, never ever seen a sea hare before. Looks like sponge. 33 not bad I am sure it gets lot hotter too. you looked good, very nice smile

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