Day 10: DIVING


I dove today!!DCIM100GOPROScuba Diving is truly is remarkable… and I didn’t even go on a special ‘reef’ dive. We were just out in the ‘boonies’ (or something like that) and I saw huge white starfish with red tips, a lionfish, schools and schools of all sorts of red, white, striped, fat, skinny fish. It was breathtaking. Speaking of ‘breath taking’, I learned some underwater breathing skills for my PADI open water certification. Skills like taking the regulator out of your mouth and letting go of it. Taking your mask off and putting it back on. Scary things like that. At one point, our air tanks get shut off while we are underwater and we must learn what it feels like to run out of air, AHH! After a good two hours of being in and out of the water I had the most chapped lips EVER! The salt water is rough on your body! In true Canadian fashion, I got a great sunburn today. A classic ‘full body’ wet suit burn lines across the back of both hands.

Bat Cave signage...Unfortunately I lost my knife on week 2

Bat Cave signage…Unfortunately I lost my knife on week 2

No diving tomorrow. Sounds like a good chance to even this ‘tan’ out!


One thought on “Day 10: DIVING

  1. sorry about your sunburn, but salt is preserver hahaha. looks like you enjoyed seeing those fishies. very good experience. quick learner

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