Day 6: Toliara


My hair is going so curly. The frizz doesn’t stand a chance in this humidity. I will say, though, that my skin constantly feels sticky. And in 32C… sticky is uncomfortable. Come to think of it, I suppose being sticky is uncomfortable whether it’s hot OR cold outside.

This morning we got a village tour of Toliara. The streets are busy and there are pouspous everywhere. Confession: I never found out if it’s pronounced ‘pouspous’ or ‘couscous’. Regardless, these things are little carts for people.

DSC_3079 The driver usually is on a bike or by foot. They bombard the vaza (Malagasy word for visitor) any chance they get.

Our first stop on the village tour was Score. Back home, Score would be considered a small, over priced hole-in-the-wall of a supermarket but in Toliara, Score is heaven for Vaza. Most volunteers picked up lots of snacks, seasonings and spreads act as ‘comfort’ food while on site. I picked up some chocolate cookies and two jars of jam. We’ve been told that these items come in quite handy in Andavadaoka.


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