Day 5: The Ocean


We only drove for 4 more hours today, and the time seemed to pass much quicker than yesterday. Perhaps it’s because I know we will get to Toliara today and perhaps it’s because we saw the OCEAN for the first time! After days of driving, seeing the ocean was better than I could have imagined it. The shallow coast makes  the most unreal color of greeny blue.

This picture was taken on the way back, but the view didn't change one bit!

This picture was taken on the way back, but the view didn’t change one bit!

We arrived at our hotel in Toliara today and it was a massive relief. The place seemed quite luxurious compared to what we had been staying in for the nights before.  There was individual cabins for the rooms, wifi, and a pool. The power and water was still ‘iffy’ but I managed to get in one hot shower.   The town itself is very different than anything I have seen before. Garbage is scattered everywhere. There are street vendors selling everything from raw meat to a strange looking spaghetti coleslaw mix. There’s children running around everywhere, pooping in the streets. And the smell. There is constant wet dog/sewage smell everywhere you go. The wet spots on the street usually smell the worst. I have learned very quickly to hold my breath when passing these ‘stink traps’.

Market fruit

Market fruit

Typical hand made baskets. These were used to carry everything.

Typical baskets that were used to carry everything

Momma and her babe

Momma and her babe


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