Day 3: Lemurs


So far the foods been good. Breakfasts are much smaller than at home. They mostly consist of very crunchy french bread, jam and tea. Luckily we have a shorter drive today so I’ll be able to eat more!

Today is a national holiday in Madagascar. The people are celebrating the first year that Madagascar fought for their independence , in 1947 (wikipedia will tell you all you need to know). We stopped at a national park and saw tons of ring tailed lemurs. They are so cute and cuddly I could just eat them right up!

DSC_3138 DSC_3145 DSC_3148Also, thanks to ‘the movie’ I have a perma ‘King Jullian’ voice in my head while I look at them. As an added bonus we saw a couple super sweet chameleons. How sweet would it be if we , as humans, changed color to complement the outfit we were wearing. Today I’m super tan, tomorrow I’m fair…

iguana 01

A surreal picture of the National Park entrance

A surreal picture of the National Park entrance

Wonderful view from the top of the Park

Wonderful view from the top of the Park

Update: I’ve learned some more about these police checks we keep getting stopped at. Police checks happen at all territory crossings and city entrances and exits.

We stopped at a bank today and a girl came up to the van and knocked on my window. Reluctantly I opened it, expecting for her to try and sell me something or beg, but to my surprise she just wanted to chat. She asked where I was from and after a small chat I ended up giving her some Canadian coins because she collected foreign coins. Lovely chat with the young girl. The Malagasy people seem to be so friendly.

We arrived at our hotel that has amazing views and the freshest air. We were treated to dancing and music from a local band as we chowed down on some Zebu kabobs, and spaghetti bolognese. After dinner we danced until the electricity went out.

Great group, great night.


One thought on “Day 3: Lemurs

  1. Very interesting, enjoying it very much. Growing up in India, small village, electricity used to play a big role in daily routines too, but we managed just fine. Lanterns were always ready to go at moments notice. Life was good, very simple. Thanks amar

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