In 22 years…


Right now, I am living the last 30 minutes of being my 22 year-old self. (YAY! Happy Birthday-Eve to me!!)

I have had an AMAZING life so far! Here’s a list of 22 mentionable/first-to-come-to-mind things that I’ve done in 22 years…(in no particular order)

  1. I’ve travelled to 7-9 different countries (Scotland, Wales, England*, Ireland, USA, China, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize) *someone please enlighten me on UK being a Country or not…there seems to be a lot of different answers on the world wide web! – thanks)
  2. I’ve graduated High School
  3. I’ve saved a life…I’ve also been the ‘life’guarder to many
  4. I’ve snorkelled, snubba’d, and scuba’d
  5. I’ve been to 6/10 provinces in Canada (AB, BC, SK, ON, NS, PEI)
  6. I’ve earned a University Degree
  7. I’ve eaten my body weight in fuzzy peaches (most likely)
  8. I’ve been to nationals for a sport
  9. I’ve lived on my own
  10. I’ve hitchhiked
  11. I’ve been on a varsity sports team
  12. I’ve made the best friends
  13. I’ve skinny dipped
  14. I’ve lived with my boyfriend
  15. I’ve learned to play 3 instruments (piano, flute, piccolo)
  16. I’ve been to 9/52 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, TEXAS, Illinois, Florida)
  17. I’ve been the captain of a team
  18. I’ve ran a 1/2 marathon
  19. I’ve been to provincials twice for a sport
  20. I’ve owned my own car
  21. I’ve been on a plane, boat, train, & bus, all in one day
  22. I’ve learned how to sail a sailboat

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